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heila Himmel: The needle is moving even
on attitudes about weight

There's been so much good news for and about women in this election.
A record 20 women in the Senate! The 18-point gender gap favoring President
Barack Obama. The defeat of the two dolts who made incredibly stupid
observations about rape. Could this be the dawn of a new era?
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Rating the Cuisine at Google and Facebook
Where would you rather go for lunch?
Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch—and breakfast and dinner, if you work at Google or Facebook.

And the food is pretty remarkable, too. Both Google and Facebook go way beyond simple sustenance with menu items like venison, boar, and Kobe beef, and wheatgrass shots and variously infused spa waters. Without a doubt, these workplace cafeterias have better food than most cruise ships.
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Campus Life at Facebook and Google
It's like the difference between public and private school: Facebook and Google have very different vibes
Facebook traces its roots to Harvard, but the social networking company’s culture skews more toward public high school—a good one, to be sure, in an area with good demographics that’s also slightly frayed at the edges. Google, on its sprawling suburban campus, is the smug private school in a world of its own. Both companies provide lavish perks, including free food at all hours, but there are clear cultural differences if you look closely.
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All the Prison’s a Stage

On Alcatraz Island, director Ava Roy mounts a production
of Hamlet that its audience can inhabit.
By Sheila Himmel

Ava Roy gazes longingly at the weedy old military parade ground on
Alcatraz Island. The artistic director of We Players can't wait to
dispatch her merry band of actors to that spot for rehearsal.
But the island where a maximum-security prison once held
Al "Scarface" Capone and Robert "Birdman of Alcatraz" Stroud
is now a bird sanctuary, and the cormorants are nesting.
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Filling Shopping Carts,
and a Community Need

The New York Times 
By SHEILA HIMMEL, January 14, 2010

Not long ago it would have seemed inconceivable to Laura Martinez, a councilwoman here, that anyone would come to East Palo Alto to shop for food. Even Ms. Martinez and her family usually left town to do that.  

For 23 years, there was no supermarket in this city of about 34,000 people, which has long struggled against poverty and crime. Residents bought groceries in small stores, often high-priced and poorly stocked, or they drove or took a bus three or four miles to Palo Alto, Mountain View or Menlo Park.
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 All You Can Eat
An essay on raising a daughter with eating disorders by author Sheila Himmel.
Eating Well Magazine
“What do you want to eat?” my husband, Ned, asks our daughter, Lisa. We are seated at the table of Vung Tau, a Vietnamese restaurant in San Jose, staring at a menu that goes on for more

Made in Sausalito
Stanford Magazine
One day in 2002, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey came across a dusty, flat-roofed factory in a Sausalito tidal the article

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Lisa and Sheila Himmel; Photo by Joanne Lee. © 2010 Sheila Himmel.